Bangkok Nutrition School 2019

Majesty Morfe (2nd row, 3rd from left), Formulation and Quality Assurance Manager of Premium Feeds Corporation in the Philippines was recognized by the Nutrition School in Bangkok, Thailand as the Top Student of its 2019 Class. Committed to improving Premium Feeds’ core competencies and skills in animal nutrition and feed quality assurance for the success of its customers.

“I am proud and honored to have won the top student award. The training improved my knowledge and skills in animal nutrition and feed quality assurance, and I’ll be able to implement the practical advise in my daily operation.” She added that she will relay what she has learned to her colleagues, and ultimately to Premium Feeds customers.


PHOTO    July 8-14 , 2019 feed mill, broiler and breeder production managers gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for bird performance enhancement through applying effective practices in nutrition.

Source: Zootecnica International, global website for poultry professionals.


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